Experience the Galapagos of your dreams in this in-depth Galapagos Adventure that puts you in close contact with the natural world, while enjoying a relaxing stay at the Finch Bay Hotel on Santa Cruz Island.
Whether your interests lie in observing the natural wildlife of the Galapagos, enjoying world-class diving, mountain biking, exploring lava fields, relaxing on the beach, or a bit of everything, your stay at the Finch Bay Hotel offers you the freedom to select the activities of your choice:
  • Hike to Tortuga Bay
  • Swim
  • Finch Bay Hotel, Galapagos
  • Snorkel
  • Enjoy the sun at the beach or the pool side
  • Photograph and observe the wildlife
  • Stroll around the village of Puerto Ayora
  • Enjoy day cruises to nearby islands
  • Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station
  • World-class scuba diving
  • Adventure mountain biking
  • Stargazing and much more.
    Finch Bay Hotel, Galapagos You don't even have to go far from your hotel, as just a relaxing walk within the grounds can be a revealing introduction to the outstanding variety of Darwin's Finches, famed for their role in Darwin's evolutionary theory. The world-renowned Charles Darwin Research Station, with the famous giant Galapagos tortoises after which the islands are named, is only a short distance away. Naturalist-led day cruises to nearby islands showcase more of this evolutionary paradise.
    Spend a full week as you combine relaxation at the Finch Bay Hotel, the only hotel by the beach in Santa Cruz Island, with action-packed days as you thoroughly explore this
    paradise at your own pace and mood. Shorter hotel packages are available. This is also the perfect venue to complement your Galápagos Cruise Expedition with a pre or post cruise land stay in the islands.

    Finch Bay Hotel, Galapagos

    At the Finch Bay Hotel you will truly experience a place of superb natural beauty and intimate connection with nature like the Galapagos. At dusk, the orange colored skies are the backdrop for thousands of cattle egrets that fly overhead on their way from the highlands of Santa Cruz Island to their nesting area in the mangroves at the back of the hotel. Blue footed boobies and brown pelicans plunge into the ocean looking for their last bite before retiring for the night, while the night herons awaken and emerge from the mangroves to look for food along the beach.
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