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Dress is casual and comfortable, and informality is basic to all activities. We recommend you pack in a soft-side suitcase. Checked bags should be securely locked and shrink-wrapped for your security.
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Long pants (lightweight, khakis).
Shorts (bermudas or other).
Short sleeve shirts, t-shirts.
Windbreaker or sweater (jul - nov).
Good walking shoes or light hiking boots.
Rubber-soled shoes or boat shoes.
Sport sandals with a velcro strap.
Small backpack or knapsack.
Plastic water bottle.
Wide brimmed hat, bandana.
Camera with extra film (waterproof bag).
Small pair of binoculars.
Underwater camera.
Bathing suits (2).
Sunglasses/ strap.
Sea sickness medication.
Personal medications.

Although provided, you may want to consider bring your own snorkeling equipment (masks, fins and snorkel) or wet suits (from July to November). Beach towels and hair dryers are provided and therefore it is not necessary that you bring these items.

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